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Internship SWASH project manager - Stage en Inde h/f

Educare India - 21/04/2018
Domaine : Qualité - Sécurité - Environnement
Référence : SWASH
Overall Purpose of the Job:
The SWASH (Sanitation of Water Air and Soil for Healthy Villages) project aims to create a clean and healthy environment for the local communities. SWASH is an integrated project that addresses issues of waste management, water sanitation and recycling using innovation and local human resources to facilitate social entrepreneurship and volunteer service. SWASH uses community connections to raise awareness about environmental issues.

SWASH program (Sanitation of Water, Air and Soil for Healthy Village Life) includes 3 sectors: Waste Management (trash reduction, reusing, recycling …), Water Sanitation and Conservation (filtration of water, alternative sources of water…) and Air Pollution Reduction (improved stoves, information on air pollutant…). As a SWASH project manager, your mission is to find solution to remediate environmental issues.
SWASH project manager will work according to EduCare sustainability's goal. He/she deals with water and waste management in a rural village in India, creating links with the other projects in the centre and the community. One of the key roles of the SWASH Project Manager is to make research – observation of the community, research on the internet, use the knowledge of the interns - and apply it to the rural community. She/He will have freedom to choose the topic of the project to work on and of the way to manage it, adapting it to Global Needs and Local Action.

The management involves, on one hand assuring the sustainability of the interns' house, on the other hand to improve the 3 R's (reduce, reuse, recycling) scheme within the community.

The overall purpose of the SWASH Project Manager is to implement projects within the community in line with the SWASH goals of reducing the impact of human activities on water, air, and soil to a minimum. It may encompass community research and outreach programs on related topics without necessarily being a physical project. Such projects are designed and carried out with reference to the trinity of community’s needs, organization needs and global needs and should complement previous SWASH Projects carried out.

• Create a new project manual for new projects.
• Plans, coordinates and promotes community-based waste management.
• Organizing workshop regarding swash with the aim to increase people's awareness, preparing brochures and informative materials.
• To create/maintain relationships with the institution to promote a cooperation between them and the community.
• Surveys within the main stakeholder to be sure to act according to their needs and want.
• Researches of waste management techniques and innovation, understanding their applicability in the specific context.
• Investigating and following up of the waste disposal sites.
• Assisting the community and institution in the development of new and more sustainable waste disposal scheme.
• Assure that the 3 R's principle has being respected both in the community and in the intern's house.
• Contribute to a dynamic atmosphere of innovation.
• Keep track of project expenses.
• Manage and participate in the development and implementation of goals, objectives, policies, and priorities for individual project and ViKAS Centre strategy plan.
• Participate in EduCARE center meetings and projects.
• Provide documents about your project for future interns.
• Report your project (technical, distributor, outsider…).
• Respond to emails on a daily basis.
• Teach/explain your project to other interns.
• Writing monthly status projects reports for all assigned projects.

• Effective communication skills, in order to deal tactfully and sensitively with people at all levels.
• Good organizational and interpersonal skills.
• Ability to establish and maintain good working relationships with a wide range of people.
• Strong understanding of environmental principles.
• Openness to harsh or unconstructive comments.
• Ability to accept the fact that you’re a small little sub-component of a larger vehicle that is EduCARE and that you can’t change the world.
• Flexibility and the ability to establish personal priorities.
• Re-prioritise work with minimum warning.
• Exercising good judgement and make witty decisions.
• Be enthusiastic, eager to learn and ready to be challenged in order to progress.
• Ability to work under minimal supervision.
• Ability to take initiatives.
• Multitask.
• Flexibility and self-motivation.
• Ability to work both on your own and as part of a team.
• Plan and organize work to meet changing needs, priorities and deadlines.
• Detail-focused.
• Ability to work with limited resources.
• Interest and motivation to collaborate with community and team members.
• Creative, open minded and positive manner facing challenges and unexpected events.

Depending on the location, several projects are currently ongoing such as: to develop a process to reuse the soft plastic, to analize and improve the waste production of the shopkeepers Solid Waste Management: workshops with shopkeepers and households,
household soft plastic segregation and storage, work with ReStore for alternative ways of reusing soft plastic, waste materials, air pollution control: bio briquettes and clay oven, build-engage documentation and research of information about the village, development of a grey water garden in the ECRC, soft plastic cleaning to fill pillow and bottles for a stew, moringa tree project proposal for water sanitation, reusable bags project proposal, grey water filtration system for intern house, building a physical structure to divide and store all different types of waste, soft plastics: cleaning, drying, and cutting to fill pillow cover.

What we offer:
Accommodation, work transportation and local SIM phone card are provided by the organization
Two 8-12 week experiential learning course related to your project or interest area
One week of holidays after every two months of work
International, challenging and exciting environment work
Freedom to develop your own ideas

Period and time:
· 3 month commitment required, 6 months preferred

· This is an unpaid internship. After 6 months, you are able to apply for a 1-year fellowship, which will include a negotiated salary.

For more detailed information about our current projects and fieldwork, please visit our website and blog at:

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