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Stage Digital Marketing h/f Bruxelles

Jobswap - 09/08/2020
Domaine : Marketing - Vente
Référence : Digital Marketing

‘JOB SWAP’ is a fast growing start-up located in Brussels. Our mission is to disrupt employment mobility.
What does it mean? We built a matchmaking platform (web & mobile) for people active on the employment market (employees, freelancers, consultants, interns, business owners etc).
Jobswap is matching people together to resolve 2 main issues:
Geographical mobility: so people can work closer to their homes
Skills growing: people swap with their colleagues in different departments in order to enrich their experience and competencies.

The aim of our business is to make people happy at work as well as to provide them professional flexibility so they can develop locally responsive actions being more engaged in the company's life and learn every job in their departments.

Who are we looking for?
1 - 3+ months internship

Marketer / Growth hacker or just a Creative person!

Out of the box thinking mindset.
Creative approach for building and applying marketing strategies.
You are Up to date about all new tools and techniques that can make your work effective and you have a sufficient technical ability to use these tools.

Ambitions and persistence are the drivers for this position.

About the Role
You will be in charge of creating different marketing strategies and applying various approaches in order to build the community - future users for Jobswap. You are organised, structured and you can easily track the result of the work that you are procuring.

Why working with us?
- It’s a beautiful opportunity to grow your skills
- Unique experience in building a completely innovative value proposition
- Be the part of an interesting project and a possibility to be hired.

We have an ambitious goal to scale up all over the world.
Take your chance!

Title: "job title" you are applying for
Please mention your availability.

Télétravail : Possible

Compétences : facebook ads linkedin ads SEO SAO Growth hacking Digital Marketing Google ads

Cette offre est disponible dans plusieurs pays : Belgique

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