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Humanoids began under the name Les Humanoïdes Associés in the turbulent early 1970s in Paris, which was alive with the spirit of artistic revolution. From its first issue in January 1975, Métal Hurlant showed how comics could be created and presented in cutting-edge ways. Soon Humanoids attracted the attention of creators outside the comics world, such as Ridley Scott who subsequently hired Mœbius to create concept art for his film Alien—as would James Cameron for his movie The Abyss, and others. Later, with Swiss entrepreneur Fabrice Giger taking over the company from media giant Hachette, Humanoids became completely international in its thinking and creative process. Over the years, Humanoids has published thousands of original titles, with third-party publishers translating many of them into numerous languages. Some, such as The Incal, have achieved stellar performances worldwide and sold millions of copies.

Actuellement, Humanoids ne diffuse aucune offre de stage, d'emploi, d'alternance à niveau bac ou bac+2 ou de job étudiant. L'entreprise a précédemment proposé des opportunités à des étudiants ou jeunes diplômés mais la diffusion de ces offres a été stoppée.

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